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Booster website provides you with a professional appearance on the web. It is an efficient tool for obtaining new clients. We have already designed more than 1000 websites in Slovenia and Belgium. Yours will also be the product of a very experienced team.

From only per month.


  • An excellent first impression with elegant design

    An excellent first impression with elegant design

    The first impression of a website is very important. A visitor should immediately believe that you are worth of their trust by looking at your state-of-the-art designed website. It constitute the recognisable visual identity of your company. The graphic elements will make it easier for your visitors to find the desired information. A modernly and elegant designed website, will leave an excellent impression on visitors.
  • Content preparation support and consulting

    Content preparation support and consulting

    Content is the king of all websites. The contents, namely the text and images, must be clear, transparent and in all cases customized to your target group. It will guide the visitor from the home page to the goal of your website, which is usually a contact form or inquiry. Good examples of your work will convince visitors of your credibility and give them a good reason to contact you.

    Website<br />hosting
    Website<br />hosting


    The Booster website provides a complete solution. The package price also includes website hosting.
    Website<br />statistics
    Website<br />statistics


    Website statistics can be reviewed using a simple online analytics tool (Google Analytics).
    Your website in several languages
    Your website in several languages

    Your website in several languages

    Your website can be translated into the language of your choice at no extra cost or fee.
    Website within 5 working days
    Website within 5 working days

    Website within 5 working days

    The Booster website can be built quickly. You are only a few days away from obtaining new clients.

  • Website best practises consulting

    Website best practises consulting

    Your website has to be customized for your target group. Are they men, women? What are their ages, income? A website for 17-year-old teenage girls requires a different approach than one for a 45-year-old business women. We will help you define the expectations of your target group and efficiently address them. Visitors will be conviced that you can provide the right and credible solution to solve their problem.
  • Easy-to-use content management system (CMS)

    Easy-to-use content management system (CMS)

    Booster will allow you to easily edit all contents of your website. You can add news, correct phone numbers, add new references, upload images and video files, etc. You will be wholly independent after a short one-hour training course, which is included in the price. If you prefer, we can also update the contents of your website for you. You will also receive two free-of-charge hours of support with the annual leasing fee.
  • Building a website will be a pleasant experience.

  • A website from 19 EUR per month.

  • Your website will be set-up as an efficient sales tool!

  • We will provide you with assistance even after the website is built.


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Why Booster?

  • Accessible – you only need an Internet connection to access Booster web solutions.
  • Integrated – all Booster web solutions are well-integrated.
  • Flexible – Booster web solutions can be fully customized to fit your demands.
  • Organised – Booster web solutions ensure that you complete your activities on time.
  • Easy-to-use – Booster solutions are intuitive solutions.

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